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We LOVE Rainbow Montessori School.My grandson started this Spring and he has learned so much. He now knows how to hold his pencil correctly and loves to draw and color. He has learned most of his shapes and colors. He loves to count and knows all the numbers to 10. He is learning the alphabet with many letters already mastered and he isn't even 2 years old yet. He loves the teachers and really enjoys this school. The teachers are so loving and caring about everything they do, I wouldn't take my grandson any where else. All of that and reasonable prices too. - Sue, August 29 2011

The BEST Montessori school in Tulsa!! My 5 year old son and 4 year old daughter absolutely LOVE going to Rainbow Montessori. The teachers are kind, loving and extremely competent in the Montessori method of teaching. The facility is excellent and my children really enjoy their teachers. We are amazed at how quickly they have learned how to read, write and count. It's all thanks to the dedicated teachers and positive attitudes surrounding the kids. - Parent, August 24 2010

Fantastic School! I enrolled my 3 year old son here after looking at a few Montessori schools in the area. They are reasonably priced and have hours that work well with my work schedule - as opposed to others in the area. The teachers are fantastic! My son spends the whole ride home telling me all that he learned that day, and he has papers that prove it! Within a month he knew all of his numbers to 10 by sight without guessing, and could put them in order. He is now learning the sounds of the letters and almost has the whole alphabet. He is excited to go to school every day, and I am confident that the staff gives him the attention and encouragement I would. I recommend this to any parent wanting to set their child up for success. - Parent, September 7, 2010